How to Present Yourself Professionally Online

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Today, many employers will allow their employees to work remotely on a well-managed computer with a reliable internet connection. This has been great news for workers who offer the most value for their output and enjoy choosing when and where they will work. On the flip side, employers can now select from a much larger, even global, pool of talented workers to find a good fit for their needs. With the flexibility of this digital labor force, employers can choose from full-time, part-time or contract-based employees to optimize their workforce and better manage overhead costs.

In fact, we are experiencing a major shift in labor sourcing, especially with those who are knowledge workers. Our flexible workforce can now work from anywhere, with few geographic limitations, as long as they can transfer their work output via the internet. The increasing power of our computing technologies, Internet and wi-fi networks created a fertile space for this shift in labor to grow on a large scale. We need to recognize their benefits and educate people on how to establish a good digital profile for their career path. The paper resume is no longer enough.

As a large chunk of our labor force is taking advantage of online opportunities, there are new rules in this labor market that vary from the traditional. For example, with the traditional rules, an employer would look for a printed resume, cover letter, and recommendations from previous employers and then request an in-person interview. It followed that order of importance as employers selected candidates.

But with digital labor, the rules have changed. Employers may get the information through recruitment websites or direct online applications, then work portfolios, testimonials from previous employers, colleagues or clients (often viewed through Google Reviews), a digital resume, sometimes including a cover letter, other online sources, and finally, an online interview. This is becoming a common process as employers seek and select candidates for available job positions.

Because of the difference in how employers select workers in our digital market, people need to learn the best practices to present a credible “Worker Profile.” It takes time, knowledge and implementation to establish a solid standing within the online community. That’s why exists.

Worker101 is here to provide the guidance that will help you present yourself professionally online. Remember, employers will screen candidates in various online searches, in addition to the information provided to them. We are here to offer tips on how to prepare your digital profile while maintaining your professional footprint on the internet. If you find our mission valuable, please share our content on your social media pages so these tips can help people start out on the right foot. Thank you!

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